More than 4 thousand people enjoyed the Performances, Seminars and Barters of IDENTIDADES FESTIVAL 2016.
A unique meeting of performing arts in the Atacama Desert

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Thus, the invited companies delivered all their experience, art and delivery throughout the region, from October 11 to 30. Incredible proposals where the companies “Timbre 4” from Argentina participated with “La Omisión de la Familia Coleman,“ La Patogallina ”, who celebrated their 20 years of experience, with“ El Húsar de la Muerte ”, Circo Pacheco Kaulen Hermanos, with the “Ursaris: The last bear tamer”, the Theater of Occasion with the staging “The round trip”, the Chilean company Oani, who performed over 3,600 meters high, with the staging of “Afuera” and “Sabiduria”, a miniature theater, together with the organizers, such as La Huella Teatro and its proposal “Wukong, the great journey of the Monkey King” that went to San Pedro de Atacama.

All of them participated in the different scenarios installed for the occasion, highlighting the Identidades Tent located on the Antofagasta Railway, in the Plaza de Mejillones, San Pedro de Atacama, Chiu-Chiu, Ollagüe and Calama.

Among the instances that most attracted attention this year was the inclusion of “Children’s Identidades”, being a success for the whole family, since the little ones enjoyed entertaining proposals, being protagonists of this instance, a space that will undoubtedly be repeated for the next versions, where performances for early childhood and for the whole family could be noticed.



For Alejandra Rojas, Director of Identidades Festival, this second version was to complete a great project. “Identidades is an encounter not only of performing arts, but also an encounter where theater and art are an experience for both the community and the artist.”

The director added that “for us, the festival has a very clear line, which is the pedagogical nature, since we held two important regional and national seminars, which had a very positive result because we allowed performing arts artists and students to train and learn. In addition, talks were held at the residences about the creative processes of each company, where the participants were able to get to know the invited companies in depth ”.



But in this encounter the community was the protagonist of the program, with its impronta as “barter”, which this year reached squatter camps, towns more than 3,660 meters high, and even 26 meters below sea level where artists exchanged experiences of the trades and life stories of the people themselves.

It was in this way that “La Patogallina” made a barter with the group of Sub – Aqua divers from the Isla Santa Maria, where the character Manuel Rodriguez plunged into the depths of the sea, together with the team of Identidades.

 Another of the participating companies such as La Huella Teatro visited the “Cactus” ranch in San Pedro de Atacama, visiting horses. Timbre 4 could be part of the “pachamama” ritual with the group of pampina dances in the La Mano del Desierto south of Antofagasta and Circo Pacheco Kaulen had breakfast with the children of the Antofagasta Luz Divina squatter camp, in encounters that both the companies and the community itself will never forget.

Otra de las compañías participantes como La Huella Teatro visitó el rancho “Cactus” en San Pedro de Atacama,visitando a caballos, Timbre 4 pudo ser parte del ritual a la “pachamama” con la agrupación de danzas pampinas en el sector de La Mano del Desierto al sur de Antofagasta y Circo Pacheco Kaulen tomó desayuno con los niños del campamento Luz Divina de Antofagasta, en encuentros que tanto las compañías como la propia comunidad jamás  olvidarán.


This Festival was organized and produced by the La Huella Teatro Cultural Corporation, presented by BHP / Minera Escondida, under the Cultural Donations Law and was financed by the Regional Government of Antofagasta, with resources from the National Regional Development Fund FNDR 2% Cultura 2016, approved by the Regional Council of Antofagasta, in addition to its collaborators and media partners.